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Feb 14

General Title Rates and Forms Now Available on Qualia

By: rbh

On January 25, 2019, all General Title rates and forms are now available through a cloud-based closing software system known as Qualia. We have heard from a good number of our agents about the options and features of Qualia’s online product offerings and know that Qualia has been in contact with many of you to talk about switching closing software providers. Enclosed is a brief explainer about Qualia. What it is. What it does. Where you can go to find out more. You can also contact them to talk price and implementation, if you are interested. For those of you who are already working on the Qualia platform, we are now with you. In addition, we have reached out to the Qualia staff to help us get a quick sound-byte to help you determine if Qualia closing software is right for your office. Here’s what they have to say about it: “Qualia's title, escrow, and closing platform has completely reinvented how homes are bought and sold. By transforming all real estate transactions into premium, mobile, cloud-based experiences that everyone can easily click their way through, Qualia has transformed the real estate closing forever. Approximately 10% of all U.S. real estate transactions currently close on Qualia - bringing together consumers, lenders, title agents, realtors onto one secure shared platform to fully reset expectations of what the real estate closing experience should be.” The real estate settlement process is becoming more “e-focused.” Qualia is a product that helps put General Title agents in the room where that focus is occurring. And while there are many different programs to choose from and options to discover, we want to be responsive to our agents who are making the switch. Go ahead and “kick the tires” on all these programs, starting with the attachment from Qualia. For more information on Qualia or other closing software options, please feel free to reach out to us. If you have any difficulty finding us on the Qualia platform, let us know.